Thursday, October 25, 2012

Code used in video "Java prog#8. How to close previous jframe on the opening of new jframe in netbeans"

HERE I AM PROVIDING THE downloadable CODE LINK OF  THE JAVA CODE I HAVE USED IN THE VIDEO  "JJava prog#8. How to close previous jframe on the opening of new jframe in netbeans"  OF MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL PROGRAMMINGKNOWLEDGE

Click Link to watch the video LINK

This code below is for the close() function

   public void close(){

 WindowEvent winClosingEvent = new WindowEvent(this,WindowEvent.WINDOW_CLOSING);


after that you have to call the function using below code

//Employee_info  is the frame name you want to open
        Employee_info s =new Employee_info();

Other way of doing that is also


Java prog#8. How to close previous jframe on the opening of new jframe in netbeans

it's simple just follow the below code:
First import these two files below
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.awt.*;

then write the method for close

 public void close(){

 WindowEvent winClosingEvent = new WindowEvent(this,WindowEvent.WINDOW_CLOSING);


Java prog#25.Exit Command Button jFrame in Java netbeans 


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