Saturday, August 10, 2013

C# WPF Tutorial 17- Show database values in Table or DataGrid

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  1. You have successfully generated the Table in a datagrid ......But The problem is their is extra cloumn and row on ending of table from db.....How to disable this extra column and show only table from database on entire datagrid size ?I have tried many option by searching on Google but they didn't work. Please Help as soon as possible because I am professionally developing wpf application ...Thanks

  2. CanUserAddRows="False"

  3. I've created a button that refresh all records in datagridview, but whenever I click the Button "Refresh" in the datagridview the data show as duplicated data going below the old records. How can I make a button that refreshes all data in datagridview that replaces the same cells or records.
    Please help me if you can.

  4. PS: This is the code:

    dataGridView1.DataSource = dt.DefaultView;

  5. One of the columns of my table is used to store images in blob data type. How do I display this image along with my other table's data in the grid? I have tried selecting this image column in the query like the other columns, but a byte array is shown in the grid for this column: