Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to convert decimal to Binary, Octal, Hex conversion in C#

How to convert decimal to Binary, Octal, Hex conversion in C#

Random rand = new Random();
int value = rand.Next(0, 1001);
String binaryRepresentation = Convert.ToString(value, 2);
String octalRepresentation = Convert.ToString(value, 8);
String base10Representation = Convert.ToString(value);
String hexRepresentation = Convert.ToString(value, 16);   
// Any other bases and you are on your own.

// Go the other way.   
int binary = Convert.ToInt32(binaryRepresentation, 2);   
int octal = Convert.ToInt32(octalRepresentation, 8);
int base10 = Convert.ToInt32(base10Representation);
int hex = int.Parse(hexRepresentation, System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber); 
// alternative
Console.WriteLine("Binary: " + binaryRepresentation + " = " + binary.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Octal: " + octalRepresentation + " = " + octal.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Base10: " + base10Representation + " = " + base10.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Hex: " + hexRepresentation + " = " + hex.ToString());


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