Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ASP.NET Tutorial 7- Create a Login website - Creating Sessions and Secu...

Easy way to create secure ASP.NET login using Session
Session Attacks and ASP.NET
Which is More Secure? Session VS Cookies
ASP.NET Security: An Introductory Guide to Building
Simple Login and Redirect for ASP.NET and Access
Force ASPSessionID to change on login
Session Security in ASP.NET
Handling session and authentication timeouts in ASP

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  1. I have been using your videos to setup a site which made it very easy to follow & all is good.
    However I wanted to redirect a user to a specific web page once their login is valid?

    On setting up the database I have included a Client_ID column in which I was hoping to use the number in here to redirect them to their web page:
    e.g a user with the number 1 in the Client_ID column would be directed to Client_ID1

    is their a way to code this into your project?