Sunday, April 21, 2013

Visual C++ Windows Forms Application Tutorial


  1. Your Tutorials are great!
    Can you maybe do one where you create a new database in the code.
    Or can you maybe tell me the MySqlcommand for creating a new database?

  2. please Suggest me a book from where i can learn visual c++.
    i have learned c++,
    now i want to learn GUI c++ using Visual c++ and .net not MFC.

  3. Please , can someone tell me which interface is easy to use or which interface is the best to use among mfc and windows form application ? To the admin of this blog , it is the by far the best blog i have ever come across. helps a lot.

  4. Well job. great work.
    I use win form application c++ programming in VS2012. On my win form, I have three buttons that used for staring camera, stopping camera and saving film. I finished starting and stopping camera now and I would like to record the captured film on webcam and save it to specified path on my PC.
    Please help me for recording camera using c++ in windows form application.
    private: System::Void button2_Click(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e)
    my email is

  5. How can I pass values from one Form to another. I am trying to create an wizard